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Trademark registration

Trademark is a symbol or word that describes and makes your products and services as unique from other products and services on the open market. It is the symbol that makes your customers recognize on your products and services. Your trademark registration gives an exclusive rights that no one can grab your identity or use the TM for their products and services. Trademark is commonly used to refer both service and goods marks. The main intention or the purpose of each and every TM registration is to place the Mark uniquely to indicate the source of origin and characterize them from others in the industry. It avoids the confusion arise among the general public. Trademark Registration helps the corresponding owner to file a lawsuit regarding the infringement of the mark in the federal court system. By using the benefit of registration we can claim the rights to particular mark and also he/ she can freely use the “TM" and "SM" to represent that the mark is trademarked.


Patent Registration

Patent is a grant of protection over an Invention. It is granted by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). Only an inventor may allowed to apply for a patent on His/ Her idea. If there are more people are participating in the creation of an invention, then according to the law requirements they can apply as joint inventors. There are multiple types of patents. Design Patent, Utility patent, and so on. Likewise, there are certain criteria to file the Patent Registration Application. Generally, Patent registration needs years of experience and sound technical knowledge of the subject matter.


Design Registration

Design registration is used to get the protection for certain features like shape, configuration, pattern or ornaments. Design can be in 3D, or 2D. Design Registration does not protect any technical features of the article. We can make immediate protection in case of design than patent registration. Design Registration stop other people copying our unique and creative design. The particular design can be registered in any category under the Locarno Classifications.


Copyright Registration

Copyright is the ownership over the things you create. We can apply copyright protection over all the original articles. The article whether it is published or unpublished, should be in a tangible form. The categories of work that can be protected by copyright law include paintings, live performance, novel, photography, movies and software. If you created it, you own it and it's the copyright law itself that assures the ownership. Protection is optional. You can choose or not to choose according to your need. But copyright provide certain added advantage to the owner over his work. His/ Her work is protected under the copyright act over a certain period of time.